[In music theory:

Attack – how quickly a sound reaches full volume after it is activated.

Decay – How quickly the sound drops to the sustain level after the initial peak.]


I started this blog in the autumn of 2014, after migrating from London to Bristol, as a way of engaging with the music scene (and to keep myself busy while I was looking for a job). The move away from London was part of a desire for a personal shift after turning 30 – an attempt to work on myself, refocus my energies creatively and get some headspace from the pressures and fuckeries of Babylon. (In the months leading up to moving to Bristol, I was also roaming around in Southeast Asia, which you can read about here).

A large part of what drew me to Bristol was its music and the initial aim of the blog was to explore local electronic and experimental music and the city’s soundsystem culture. I then expanded the parameters of the blog: I wanted to use music & sound as a prism through which to explore other topics that interest me, including Afrofuturism, altered states, film, gender, grassroots politics, psychedelics, race and technology.

Writing this blog is a way to combine my two main creative outlets – writing and music – as well as a template for exploring ideas and ways of writing. It’s an ongoing experiment, a work in progress.

When I’m not writing this blog, I’m attempting to write freelance, both as a copywriter and music reviewer. I like to amuse myself by hanging around in darkened basements  listening to loud noises and I’m also an electronic musician.

Thanks for reading.


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